A Review of Dark Souls 2

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I purchased this game. Of course, I had read the reviews, but I didn’t know anyone who had played it themselves. And when I said I read the reviews, to be honest, I really just read bylines about the game and quotes from their high scores. That’s about it. But I was in the market for a game and this one definitely came recommended.

In a lot of ways, I’m glad I didn’t know what I was getting into, because I may have decided against it if I knew what awaited me. To be perfectly honest, this game is tough. You’re 100% not going to make it through with just one life. Nor will you make it through with even five. Dark Souls 2 is a task master about punishing you for even the smallest of mistakes. That being said, this game will be one of the most rewarding to play you may ever experience.

For one thing, there is no handholding with Dark Souls 2. You don’t get some magic fairy to fly by your side and explain things, there’s no partner or captain who buzzes in to point you in the right direction, no painful exposition tries to make the subtle obvious. Instead, you just have to figure out a lot of it through trial and error. If you were playing this as an old school arcade game and paying with quarters, you wouldn’t be able to do laundry for a year without getting a second job.

However, you’ll soon succeed at smaller things and then bigger ones. Because nothing is handed to you, everything feels amazing when you learn how to do it. So imagine how good it feels to beat a certain level or finally move on across a certain point.

And that’s the thing, the land of Drangleic has plenty to offer. Along your journey, you’ll collect a plethora of awesome items. You’ll come across all kinds of armored bad guys you’ll need to run through with your blade. There will be plenty of monsters and other nightmarish beasts waiting for you. Each one of these trials will feel amazing to move past.

So don’t let the challenge scare you. As soon as you make the smallest accomplishment in Dark Souls 2, you’ll be hooked. That one accomplishment will encourage you onto the next and so forth.


Go Play Unturned Today

If you’re a game in today’s day and age, you’re not exactly hurting for options in terms of how to spend your time and money in service of your favorite hobby. However, that can provide as much a challenge as any best selling title out there. With so many games to choose from, but only a limited about of time and money, how can you ever know which ones are deserving of a chance? Fortunately, one title currently available should make your choice fairly easy, plus there are unturned cheats available for it too!

A Quick Introduction

The game is called Unturned, which is a reference to the villains you’ll be up against: zombies. In the game, you and your community of survivors essentially work hard to survive the zombie swarm around you. This can mean many things, including foraging for food, looking for supplies and even negotiating with other survivors who aren’t a part of your clan.

Easy Gameplay

Although the above may seem like a lot to do for a game, keep in mind that one of the most attractive parts about Unturned is that basically anyone can pick it up and start playing. That’s not to say that it’s easy—not by any means. But you’ll find that it’s a lot like Minecraft or DayZ, insofar as the learning curve isn’t terribly unkind.

This also means more people will have an easier time playing. With such a low barrier of entry, your multiplayer fun can involve more friends. Already, we’ve seen an impressive community spring up around the game, which has helped promote it and bring in more interested parties.

Available on Steam

Being available on Steam means two things. For one, you have no excuse not to check the game out. You can literally stop reading this article now and go download it like countless other people have. Oh, did I mention that it’s completely free too? So again, no excuses.

However, being available on Steam also means that this game is only just getting started. When you provide your feedback, there’s a very real chance it’s getting used to make a better version of the game later on. We’ve already seen this with a few different incarnations, but we also know that the game is continually being updated. Start playing now and you’ll appreciate those updates even more later on.

So if you’re in the market to be thoroughly entertained, Unturned is over on the Steam network waiting for you right now.

ban shaga

A Review of Banner Saga

To put it simply, Banner Saga is a lot of fun. However, it’s also brutal, frustrating and one of those games where you may find yourself out of breath from yelling at characters on the screen. If that’s the kind of experience you’re into, this game will not disappoint.

The best way I could describe this game would be to say it’s a mix of Oregon Trail and Fire Emblem. On the one hand, you’re constantly moving a group of people to safety. There are always limited supplies that you need to allocate with the utmost thought. Along the way, there will be all kinds of perils to pick your party apart and ruin morale. You’ll need to practice patience, discipline and plenty of strategy.

However, then there’s the fact that you’re not merely heading West to reach Oregon. Instead, you’re part of a caravan that is being relentlessly pursued by the Dredge. When they get close to you, you better be ready for battle (spoiler alert: you won’t be). The nearest town is about a week’s march away, meaning there’s a lot of time for tragedy. There will be thieves to contend with, malicious stone men and a number of other trials ready to ruin your fun.

Banner Saga is pretty much designed to put you in the thick of it and make sure that any reward of hope is actually bait that will come back and bite you. At no time should you think you’re getting good at this or that the worst is over. It’s then that Banner Saga will put you in a situation where a heartbreaking decision must be made or the Dredge have caught up to you and are ready to run you through.

Even when you’re “winning” in this game, Banner Saga makes you feel like you’re losing or, at the very least, like there’s trouble waiting for you around the next corner.

But that’s not all. The aesthetics of Banner Saga are tough not to get excited about. They’re absolutely beautiful and remain flowing the entire time. Furthermore, there is a lot more story going on aside from what I just described above. This not only keeps you going through each phase of the game, but definitely works to make each decision you make much more impactful and important. Basically, nothing you do will be something done lightly.

If you like a good trial and a game that will definitely give you your money’s worth, Banner Saga is worth a shot.